St. James does not exist for itself! We believe we exist to Glorify God and to be an effective instrument for God in our community.

A major involvement of the people of St. James is with Kwa Msindisi (the Place of the Saviour) Church in Cato Manor, a vast squatter area on the fringe of our City. Poverty; Crime; Unemployment; Homelessness; HIV / AIDS are all areas of real concern for us. Fr John Mongoato, moved by the plight of the people, started a small church plant about eight years ago in the heart of the area. The growth of the church has been phenomenal over the years. We feel that we can help in a number of ways: by financially supporting John's ministry; by providing weekly "Food Bags" to the hungry and "Child-Headed families" (as a result of the early death of parents as a result of AIDS); by training the people in First Aid and Home Based Care courses and, thanks to the sponsorship of kind friends in Massachusetts in the USA, providing a number Schools with books to assist in our children's reading skills and meeting the spiritual and physical needs of a number of child-care crèches. Our link is kept alive by our two congregations worshipping together when possible.

At a recent Planning Morning of the Parish Leadership, numerous areas of Outreach were indicated:

Young Families. A "Time-Out for Families & Friends" programme is now underway where parents and children come together on a regular basis for fun and learning and a "Parenting Course" is now available in the parish.

Schools. St. James has a warm and close working relationship with the five schools in the Morningside area. Courses are being made available for the schools and a joint Schools Choir Festival is held annually to foster a love of Christian music.

By way of "The Marriage Course"; Marriage and Baptism preparation Courses; "The Living with Loss" course and by personal contact, we reach out to those who would not normally draw on the strengths of the Christian Faith.

Our Parish Hall is in constant use by the community, drawing people to the church.